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Active Desktop Recovery XP

One of the nicest features of Windows XP is the Active Desktop option, which was first introduced with Windows 95 and Internet Explorer 4. This interface allows users to add active content on their desktop, which uses HTML. You can add any HTML code on your desktop, from a weather widget to a stock ticker which updates itself all the time, or the latest headlines from your favorite news site. You can basically create a desktop which is actually useful to you, not just a background image and a collection of rarely used icons. Whatever type of information you want to be always updated and at your disposal, you can use this feature. The level of customization which is possible with this feature is high and it will really reflect your own style and interests.

In some cases you might encounter the Active Desktop Recover XP message, which tells you that there was a problem with this feature and that you should click the Restore button to fix it. This message appears mostly when there are issues with the boot-up of the Windows OS. When the boot-up sequence is interrupted, when viruses appear on the computer or when there are other issues with the OS, you might get the Active Desktop Recover XP message. In most cases you can fix it by clicking the button, but sometimes additional steps are required.

In order to activate this feature on your Windows OS, you will have to first go to the Display Properties and then select the check box which says that you can view the Active desktop in the form of a web page. Windows 98 to Windows versions before Vista, including XP, have this feature pre-installed. If you have Windows 95, there is an update which will add the option for you.